Steam Generator Iron Water Feed Pump Replacement when no steam from your iron



Steam Generator Iron Water Pump Replacement

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Steam Generator Iron Water Feed Pump Replacement


Before buying make sure there is no blockage in the iron.

Steam Generator Iron Feed Water Pump Replacement.

This feed pump is suitable to Morphy Richards, Steamworks, AVR and Kenwood steam generator irons.

It is a simple job to replace the feed pump.

When pushing the trigger and no steam 100% pump gone and need replace.

The possible fault is mechanical and electrical.

If a mechanical fault occurs, the pump will run as usual and make the same noise but no steam or very little steam.

Pump feed very little water to the boiler and boiler makes very little steam.

This can happen as the pump doesn't like to "dry run" when cartridge in water tank left to dry.

Time from start to until can hear start feed water to the boiler is called "dry run".

If is longer and more often, the pump will stop work sooner.

If an electrical fault occurred pump is dead and not working at all.

An electrical fault is occurred by overheating of the pump. The pump has a thermal fuse.

Is recommended to 1 min off after 2mins continuous work to let pump cool down.

The pump can make a noise or be dead but if no steam not working.


If you need advice regarding repair faulty steam generator iron click like and contact with us.

The description is based on experience with faulty steam generator irons.


Pump technical details:


Power: 19 W

Max pressure: 2-4 Bar

Max. flow rate 110+/-15cc/min.

Steam generator iton manufacturer flow rate is 90 cc/min.

How to change the water pump in Morphy Richards steam generator iron guide. 


UK stock.


 Shipping 1-st class recorded. Sometimes we can ship cheaper if parcel goes as large letter on the post office, but is very rare.

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