How to change a water pump in Morphy Richards steam generator iron.

Your steam generator iron just stopped to work, there is no steam from it. Warranty on the appliance is finished! Was very expensive!

Manufacturer asking £80 for repair!

If you visit my website it means that your Morphy Richards steam generator is no working properly.

You can fix steam generator iron of other makers, they are similar to repair.

I am a qualified electrician, have fixed 100's of these irons and sold 100's of pumps.

First of all, make sure your iron is unplugged and cool.

At the bottom you will need to unscrew 5 screws, then split into halves.

The top half is attached to the bottom by wires at the switch end.

Morphy Richards non-pressurised steam generator iron opened.

The water pump is placed between boiler and water tank, a green item with 3 wires.

To disconnect wires you will need a screwdriver or something similar as there is protection on the connectors, won't come off easily. Need to push a middle of the connector to release it and then pull it.

Water pump replacement in Morphy Richards steam generator iron

Lift up white cable tie.

Faulty water pump removal from the iron.

Move white rubber ring out of the black end of the pump.

Water pump removal from steam generator iron.

Move white rubber ring out of the black plastic part of the pump.

Faulty water pump in steam generator iron removed.

Disconnect hose from white tower connected to the water tank.

Pull this hose through the white ring.

Put back on cable tie on the neutral connector of the pump.

Hold white plastic ring and pull off the pump, place new pump into that hose, but make sure you pushed to the end.

Water pump put back in Morphy Richards steam generator iron.

Place inlet hose back through white rubber ring and connect to white tower connected to the water tank.

Connect wires to the pump, make sure wires are away from holes where screw comes through.

Morphy Richards steam generator iron repaired.

The best way put back cable tie on the white tower, pictured above.

Put back the whole base and test it.


Created On Thursday, December 14, 2017 Posted By Admin Comment Link
To Jason If the lights are shows that all ok you will need to change the valve which is placed on the boiler. This valve when opens release steam, can be stuck by limescale. Try to descale this valve. Regards
Created On Wednesday, December 6, 2017 Posted By Trevor Turnock Comment Link
Our Morphy model No 42269 stopped making steam and I have looked at your brilliant instructions above but now need to order a new pump. We live in New Zealand but my Sister lives in Windsor, West London and the part could be sent to her place and we can pay by Credit card from here if thats possible.Regards Trevor T
Created On Friday, December 1, 2017 Posted By jason Comment Link
hi i have a Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 42223 Steam Generator Iron!!? and all lights and iron work fine but their is a steam problem no steam at all even when tank full but when u press the trigger the base vibrates as if trying to give u steam but cant.
Created On Friday, November 10, 2017 Posted By bovario Comment Link
To David To check if pump or PCB is faulty. You need to check if is voltage on the pump when you press the trigger. You can use a multimeter or use 240V light bulb connected instead pump.Regards admin
Created On Wednesday, November 1, 2017 Posted By DAVID Comment Link
Hello. Morphy Richards power steamelite. If I take brass plug out and fill tank with water steam works. However it will not transfer from plastic refillable tank to main tank and a light comes on to refill. I hear no pump noise at all to transfer. Is this the pump on this thread or possible pcb. Thanks
Created On Saturday, September 30, 2017 Posted By bovario Comment Link
Water level sensor does not see water in the water tank. Can be faulty sensor ord PCB board.
Created On Saturday, September 30, 2017 Posted By bovario Comment Link
These pumps are back in stock.
Created On Saturday, September 16, 2017 Posted By Richard Brown Comment Link
His can you please help morphy Richards steam generator elite no sound from pump can't get steam through iron iron gets hot press buttons for steam nothing happen 's cleans tank as descale lit up still nothing can you help me thank you richard
Created On Saturday, August 19, 2017 Posted By Carol Tomes Comment Link
My Morphy Richards steam generator elite keeps flashing orange water light although tank is full even changed anti scale cartridge but still no steam coming through. When I press the steam button on iron nothing happens no sound either. Is this the pump or a blockage?
Created On Friday, August 11, 2017 Posted By Richard Cooper Comment Link
How do I order the pump discussed above? I note the site is stating 'No Stock' will this be rectified? Are you expecting more supplies?
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