How to diagnose faulty pressurised steam generator iron?

Hello. You visit my page because have faulty pressurised steam generator iron. Contacted with manufacturer support but all what you get from them: If is faulty buy new one with small discount but still expensive. Most common faults can be by yourslef

How to steam generator works in few words?

Water pump feeds up a boiler with a water. A pump starts work when is required and is controlled by PCB board.

The boiler warms up water in it almost to the boiling temperature creating pressure.

The boiler has fitted a valve which opens when you click a steam trigger. You should hear a click when this valve opens. When the valve is opened, steam under pressure is released to the iron soleplate.

Parts in the black circles are steam valves.

Pressurised steam generator iron boilers.

To test this valve if works properly can connect to the mains and see if valve opens.

By black circles on the pictures below, I marked protection elements for the heating element.

You need to check these elements if boiler not heating the water (will need to use a multimeter or make small circuit including a battery and light bulb connected all in line).

By red squares marked overheat protection.

Boiler for Tefal steam generator iron.      Boiler for Morphy Richards steam generator iron.

Boiler for Bosch steam generator iron.

If your iron run out of the steam but the valve confirmed is working, next stage is to check the pump.

The pump can be tested if you connect it to the mains and hear it works. If can hear the pump you need to test it with a water. Disconnect hose from the pump connecting with the boiler and connect to the mains to see if water will flow.

If the valve works fine, boiler works fine, pump works fine but as the whole thing is faulty, it likely that PCB board or control panel is faulty.

Another thing to make stop your appliance from work is faulty water sensor. You see the flashing light empty tank but is full!

The sensor is placed close to the water tank in the main case. I do not have one to show how it looks like.

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