How to hang elevated electric fireplace to cover gaming console.

Do you have build in into the wall shelf which would like to cover?

How to make elevated fireplace working to cover your entertainment system guide.

Many of you have a problem with entertainment system standing at the front of the TV.

The most annoying thing from these systems are cables, they are everywhere.

When the time comes up to do the refurbishment of the living room I decided to hide all cables into the wall.

Our TV hung on the wall and many cables were connected to.

Our entertainment equipment was standing on the brick shelf just above the back boiler gas fireplace.

During the refurbishment I put all cables into the wall, power socket was added just behind the TV, Ariel socket was added too, just to make sure no more cables will be hanging from TV.

The cables from TV came through the chimney as was not in use anymore.

When the old gas fireplace was removed, the builder made a frame to support chimney breast above and also to make a kind of the build in shelf to put home entertainment equipment.

The shelf was build in the middle of the height between the floor and TV unit.

We put there gaming console DVD player, etc.

At that time the position looks ok as we planned to place the electric fireplace just above the floor.

But when the time comes up to hang the fireplace just above the wall, it did not look as good as we thought before.

The decision was made to hang the fireplace on the height of the shelf.

TV on the wall in the living room.

What to do with the shelf and the whole equipment already placed there and often in use?

I have decided to try to make this electric fireplace able to move up and down to give access or cover the equipment in the shelf.

It was a challenge as the fireplace we bought was weight 18kg.

To hang 18 kg on the wall not prepared for this kind of the weight can be a problem.

If I hang the fireplace on that wall and screw it to the wooden frame supporting the chimney breast some day can end up with a whole thing landed on the floor.

To make this fireplace moving I need a mechanism first.

The ideal thing is to hide this mechanism to be not visible at all.

The first thought was to put this mechanism inside of the fireplace.

When I opened the unit I found out that there is not enough room to place any strong enough mechanism inside.

I wanted to use front window wipers from a car but was too big to fit in.

The problem with this kind of the mechanism was the weigh hang on the wall.

This small electric motor to wind up a steel cable attached behind home entertainment.

This solution will need additional pulley above the shelf, on this pulley and on the place where ens of the steel line attached will hold a whole weight of the fireplace.

Another solution comes up when I saw a Hyundai Tucson when car booth opened by the linear actuator.

I went online to look for models available on the market and their technical specifications.

I need a model to lift 20Kg of weight with stroke 30cm.

I found one.

Time to fix on the wall.

To make sure that the fireplace goes up and down in level and is secured to the wall I used the drivers from the drawer.

Elevated fireplace secured to the wall.

Fireplace need an additional bracket to make it stronger as is not designed to be in a move.

In this solution, the whole weight of the fireplace is on the linear actuator.

This linear actuator is very slow but speed is no mater as will be in use twice a day or less.

With a power feed side is no problem, as well as the 12V power supply, is there on the shelf.

When the fireplace is secured to the wall and hanged on the linear actuator is time to do some automatics.

Microwave oven microswitch.

As the top and bottom sensor, I used microswitches from microwave ovens (I used to repair them and have left spares).

Switch for elevated fireplace.

As a switch to change a direction of the movement up or down I used DPDT to this job.


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