Audi R8 wall decal, boys bedroom giant wall art sticker.


 Audi R8 boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.

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Audi R8 boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.



Are you fascinated by performance cars?
Or maybe you just like fast driving?
Are you the fan of the Audi car maker from Germany?
Let express yourself and show your interest to all people who visit you by our Audi R8 wall art decals.
Especially for motoring enthusiasts, stickers have been prepared so that you can express your passion even more.
The diverse patterns of stickers will satisfy every vehicle lover.
While you try to decide what colour of the Audi R8 wall sticker will fit your bedroom colour scheme read some info about this model.

Material: PVC
Dimensions of the sheet approximately:

58cm (H) x 123cm (W)

Audi R8
In 2006, the first Audi sports car hit the production with a centrally located engine. The R8 is also distinguished by the fact that it is a car built from scratch, in contrast to the sports varieties Audi: S and RS, which were constructed on the basis of already existing serial models.

The R8 is a sporty, two-seater coupé (a roadster body is also available) with a motor centrally located between the seats and the rear axle and four-wheel drive. The body based on aluminium construction reduces the mass of the vehicle, which is not small anyway. Sports Audi weighs 1.6 tons due to the quite rich equipment for a car, which by assumption should be poor with all amenities. The manufacturer from Ingolstadt, however, made sure that travelling the R8 outside the race track was not a chore. The interior is cramped but cosily furnished. Depending on the configuration, the leather can be found in the cockpit, Alcantara, and even a higher quality floor covering. A LCD display occupies the space on the centre console. According to your wishes, you can equip the R8 with a very good audio system.

The length of the car is 4.43 m. With this dimension, the wheelbase is up to 2.65 m, thanks to which the stability of the car is good, and in the interior, it was possible to find a few centimetres more. The car is wide (1.9 m) and very low, the height is only 1.25 m. Getting into the car is not easy, but it is typical for this type of vehicle.

The most important element of the Audi R8 is, of course, the engine. From the beginning of the production, the 4.2-liter V8 drive unit has been offered, developing 420 horsepower. This engine has been adapted from the RS4 model and has been modified. The lubrication system has been changed, which uses a dry oil sump in the R8. Given the installation of the engine in the vehicle, the exhaust system had to be modified. This unit has a very favourable work characteristic. The maximum power is obtained at 7,800 rpm. The red field starts at 8,000 rpm and the fuel cut-off takes place at 8250 rpm. It is not difficult to conclude that the engine likes to work at high speed. The maximum torque of 430 Nm is available from 4500 to 6000 rpm. Importantly, 90% of the torque is available in an even wider range, from 3500 to 7600 rpm. As a result, the car effectively accelerates in the sixth gear from 60 km / h. In 2010, the power of this engine was raised by 10 HP.

Since 2008, the Audi R8 can be purchased with a V10 drive unit borrowed from Lamborghini, with a capacity of 5.2 litres and a power of 525 hp obtained at 8,000 rpm. The maximum torque, in this case, is 530 Nm. The car with this engine accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds.

In 2010, the offer of the German manufacturer went even more extreme variation of the sports coupé - R8 GT. Under the glass cover of this car, the V10 power unit is working, its power increased to 560 hp (540 Nm).

The R8 model can be equipped with a manual or automated R-Tronic transmission. The latter fits perfectly with the character of the car. Gears can be changed automatically or manually, using the paddles on the steering wheel. The characteristic feature of the box is jerking when driving smoothly and at low revolutions in automatic mode.

As standard, the R8 is equipped with four-wheel drive with the Haldex viscous clutch. The system is tuned so that the front axle reaches a maximum of 35% of the driving force. The ESP system, which can be switched off, ensures that the correct path is maintained. The Audi magnetic ride suspension includes shock absorbers with a magnetic fluid, thanks to which the damping force is regulated.

The Audi R8 is a spectacular sports car that exhibits power. The powerful engine can be admired from the outside because the cover under which it was placed is glass. Optionally, the engine compartment can be equipped with illuminating diodes so that you can also admire it at night.

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