Audi R8 boys bedroom giant art wall sticker.


 Audi R8 boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.

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Audi R8 boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.



Give yourself a truly feeling in a fun ambiance with the wall sticker!

Wall sticker helps you decorate your house with unique wall art!

This new Audi R8 decorative wall sticker can be used in the kitchen, playroom, living room, family room, bedroom, dorm room, even the garage.
Decorative wall sticker enhances the decorative elements without the commitment of wallpaper.
Protect and personalize your lifestyle with this amazing decorative wall sticker, you will show your different and special taste!


The wall sticker will improve the style in every room of your home. 
Wall sticker is perfect for nurseries, homes, stores, dorms, and anywhere else.
Unique design lets your favorite people get close to beloved characters in a fun and stylish way to add personality to a room.
You can choose perfectly coordinated decal wall sticker for your bedroom, bath and dressing room 
Give yourself a truly feeling in a fun ambiance with the decorative wall sticker.
These decorative wall stickers are relatively distinctive with their appealing styles.

Material: PVC
Dimensions of the sheet approximately:

58cm (H) x 200cm (W)

Works best on smooth surfaces such as painted walls, doors, glass, etc.
Protects walls from dirt and damage
Easy to apply and remove without leaving residue.

How to apply vinyl wall stickers?

It is very easy to apply our wall stickers.

Choose your surface - vinyl wall stickers can be applied to walls, wood, glass, concrete - basically any smooth, dry surface.

1. Clean

Wipe down the surface with a dry cloth so it's smooth, dry and free of dust, dirt and grease.

2. Plan

The wall stickers can be removed, but they cannot be re-used - so it's important to plan out where you will put them. When you remove them, will not damage surface but sticker may be get damaged.

You can find the market stickers from sellers who claim that their stickers can be easily removed and glued many times we want. They use very cheap vinyl which can be easily removed from the wall, does not damage the sticker and you can stick it again. It's just a theory. The truth is that this vinyl after the first apply itself may start to peel off after a second stick on the wall will not last long there. I do not have a long experience in the industry, but others have especially those who know what they are doing advertising that vinyl is good.

Cut roughly around the individual graphics and arrange them on your surface using  masking tape, until you are happy with your design.

3. Preparation.

Lay your sheet of either the wall sticker on a hard, flat surface – with the graphic side down.

Press firmly over the entire sheet with the edge of a credit card/plastic ruler. (This re-activates the bond between the wall sticker and the transfer paper.)

4. Peel

Keeping the graphic side down, and starting at one corner - slowly peel the white backing away from the paper tape. The graphic should stay attached to the paper front sheet, if it doesn't repeat step 3! You can then discard the white backing.

5. Apply

Once the white backing has been removed, carefully place one edge of the graphic onto the surface, in its desired position. Pressing firmly, move your hand slowly across the graphic. With the edge of a credit card finish the application by rubbing over the entire graphic.

6. Finish

Once smoothed down, carefully & slowly remove the clear top tape, peeling at a 45-degree angle. If some of the graphic begins to lift, stop pulling. Gently press it back onto your surface and then continue peeling.

7. Admire

Stand back and have a look! If you're proud of what you've done, we'd love to see the results - take a picture and send it to us.

How to remove wall stickers?

Wall stickers are easily removed without damage to surfaces.

Just soften then peel away!

Using a hairdryer on a low setting (warm – not hot!) gently blow over the sticker, this softens the adhesive. Then, starting at one corner, use your finger nail or a sharp pointed object to loosen the edge and gently peel the sticker away from the surface at a 180 degree angle.

Please Note:

In order to make your wall stickers experience a happy one, here’s some tips:

Please allow time for your painted walls to fully dry before using wall stickers (2-3 weeks). If applied before the paint is fully dry, the adhesive from the graphic could bond more strongly to the paint, potentially causing some paint to come off when decals are removed.

Usually wall stickers just peel off with no problems and no damage to surfaces. However, the condition of some painted surfaces and the location of your wall sticker can mean that some paint flecks are also removed. Depending on a combination of these factors, minor paint touch-ups could be required after removal.


Bargains-zone is not liable for possible damage to surfaces.

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Audi R8 boys bedroom giant art wall sticker.

Audi R8 boys bedroom giant art wall sticker.

 Audi R8 boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.

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