Audi R8 spider racing car boys bedroom giant art decorative wall sticker, Audi R8 wall decal.


 Audi R8 Spider racing car boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.

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Audi R8 Spider racing car boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.



Audi R8 Spider giant wall sticker can change the whole interion of any room in your house.
Protect and personalize your lifestyle with this amazing decorative wall sticker, you will show your different and special taste!
Material: PVC

58cm (H) x 100cm (W)

 FSI Quattro - test

He refers to models that have a recipe for winning the 24-hour Le Mans race. The Audi R8 has undergone a rejuvenating treatment and has become even faster.
In sport, there is no moment of rest. The arms race continues without interruption, and cars are getting better each year. If someone allows himself to be reluctant, he condemns himself to failure.
What else on the street. Here time flows much slower. Especially in the group of supersport cars. In 2006, Audi released the R8 on the market and later forgot about it for many years, focusing on Le Mans.

A rejuvenating treatment
The auto returned to favour at the end of last year when it underwent a rejuvenating treatment. Little has changed. The front lamps were armed with fully LED lights, in the inlets

13-14 l / 100 km
Interacting with the R8 is a pass to another world. Although the four silver circles on the mask look ordinary, the rest of the ordinary motoring has nothing to do. Ba, Audi is largely based on Lamborghini Gallardo, from which he borrowed, among others, suspension architecture and engine.
V10 is an absolute masterpiece. Just admiring it from behind the window causes a faster heartbeat, but real emotions appear with turning the key. It suffices to be aware that 525 KM is lying behind your back.

See also: Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro engine sound
Their nature is surprising. At low revolutions, they are docile and well-arranged, without shortness of time, accelerating the car. Then they also deal with fuel abstinence. Obtaining the result of 13-14 l / 100 km in the city is not a challenge.
"Sport" mode
Ode to joy begins with pressing the "Sport" button. After a while the engine sharpens its reactions, the chest becomes faster and the active exhaust finally begins to thunder. R8 becomes like a bomb with a fuse, which is best evidenced by these numbers: three-digit speed appears after 3.6 seconds, or 0.3s faster than in the car before the changes. 200 km / h Audi reaches in 11.3 seconds!
The new 7-speed transmission perfectly combines speed and smoothness. It is by far better than the previous transmission with an automatic clutch (6-speed, R tronic), in which sticking the next gear was associated with a distinct jerk. There is no question here, and after a sudden gas injection, even when the car is driving in the 7th gear, in the blink of an eye it is able to go down to the "two". Manual mode is a class for itself. It can be operated with convenient paddles on the steering wheel or with a lever with ... setting directions. Higher gear is thrown in, moving forward, and reducing - to yourself. Detriment!
Without forgiveness
The engine rotates with enormous impetus and with incredible ease. The R8, thanks to 4x4, has excellent traction but is always more pushed than pulled. The all-wheel drive is just a bit softening the character of the car, without taking away the pleasure of sweeping the back.
Even on an uneven road, Audi provides more than the rest of comfort. The short suspension travel means that all corrugations clearly reach the cab, but the R8 is rarely tiring.
On the one hand, for a car with a centrally located power unit, Audi is a quite civilized machine, on the other - it reacts sharply and very eagerly to every driver's command. The R8 is horribly stable on a straight line, and several other cars could give it its decks of grip.

While driving on 70-80% of its abilities it remains quite mild and easy to learn. Moving the border towards 100% requires increasing concentration and skills. Driving on a "full whistle", especially with ESP off, no longer forgives mistakes. Although the R8 is one of the easiest-running supercars, it is reluctant to tolerate "tightening" corners or even letting the leg out of the gas while riding in the curve when moving close to the end of its capabilities.
The most in minus in R8 surprises the steering. Although it is precise, it works too artificially and requires too many turns.
Ode to joy in the performance of Audi is an expense, a trifle, at least PLN 787,940. And there is a full list of paid options in store.
That is why it is a joy only for the chosen ones. Just like participating in the Le Mans race.
Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro - summary

Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro: body and interior
a lot of legroom,
comfortable and well-holding armchairs,
great quality

very small trunk,
high noise level

Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro: drive system
brilliant performance,
fantastic flexibility,
relatively low fuel consumption,
great sound,
high work culture,
great S Tronic box

Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro: driveability
very good traction,
great brakes,
stable behaviour on the straight and in the corners

limited suspension comfort,
artificial steering

Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro: equipment and costs
inspections every 30,000 km

very high purchase price,
space surcharge for the V10 engine,
astronomical price of additions

The Audi R8 with a 10-cylinder engine without shame can try to compete with supercars. It looks like a million dollars, it has a fantastic power unit and gearbox and despite its sharp character, it runs quite easily. At the same time, it provides acceptable comfort and is well-made. Maybe it costs a lot, but it is attractive when compared to the competition.

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Audi R8 spider racing car boys bedroom giant art decorative wall sticker, Audi R8 wall decal.

Audi R8 spider racing car boys bedroom giant art decorative wall sticker, Audi R8 wall decal.

 Audi R8 Spider racing car boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.

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