BMW m6 convertible wall decal, boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.


 BMW m6 convertible boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.

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BMW m6 convertible boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.

Cars are adored not only by adults - but also by young people or children.

How to use these origins of automotive interest to decorate your home?

Use car stickers, cars to highlight these interests in the motoring enthusiast's room.

Children love cars.

They often value the appearance of such cars, both older retro and current ones.

Already riding them is fun for them and at the same time a certain dose of adrenaline.

Please note that very often children's interests coincide with the interests of their parents.

If dad or mom rides or dreams about a car - children usually draw such cars, they notice on the street.

And they just like this brand.

Note that usually using this interest, parents buy children models of those cars that they own.

Why not use the same in decorating rooms?

Especially in the teenager's room, which has already grown a bit from plastic models, but continues to develop his childhood passion?

Because vehicle models are almost infinite, and car stickers, cars can be very different.

Starting from the modern automotive industry - the silhouette of convertible BMW M6 on the wall above the bed will impress.

 Just imagine having this beautiful BMW M6 as a wall decal in your bedroom.

Wall sticker with BMW pattern shows interest of your teenage son to the colleagues and family members.

Material: PVC
Dimensions of the sheet approximately:

58cm (H) x 120cm (W)

Some technical data and history of the model.

The BMW M6 is the top version of the Bavarian GT. The first generation was created in 1983, but the version foreseen for the European market was called M635CSi. The models for the US and Japanese market were called M6, but they were almost identical in design and mechanics. Almost, because the M6 had a weaker 260 hp engine and was also heavier for richer standard equipment. From the outside, the car did not differ much from the regular series 6. The top version was equipped with a rear aileron and very slightly modified bumpers.

Under the hood of the M635CSi, there is an engine coming from the iconic model of the Bavarian brand M1. It was a 3.5-liter unit with 6 cylinders in a row. The engine had a power of 286 hp, the "hundred" appeared on the meter after 6.7 seconds (many people declared during use more acceleration by more than 0.5 seconds), and the speedometer needle stopped at 254 km / h. This is an impressive result for a car from the early 1980s. It was also impressive to burn, the average value of which was around 18 litres per 100 km!

Their production was completed in 1989, and 4088 M635CSi and 1767 M6 left the factory.

After 16 years on the market appeared the successor of the top stylish variant GT - M6 E63. Stylistic treatment consisting of adding sports accents, i.e. slightly modified bumpers, a modest shuttlecock, 19-inch wheels and 4 exhaust tips with a diffuser, did not add a controversial beauty body.

The emotion was provided by a large, 5-litre V10 engine, known from the M5 E60. 507 hp passed a 7-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels. From 2006, the M6 was also available in the convertible body. Despite the aluminium construction and the use of plastics, the car weighed, depending on the equipment, approx. 1.7 tonnes.

The production was completed in 2010, and two years later, the M6 built on the 6 F12 series was presented. The car was definitely a nicer stylist than her predecessor. The sporty character of the car may reveal 4 exhaust tips, remodelled bumpers, or air inlet on the front fender. In addition, the car received 20-inch rims, behind which are more efficient brakes, and the interior has been preserved in an elegant style, with a slight emphasis on the sports car jam.

The M6 is available in both the coupe, Cabrio and Gran Coupe. Under the hood was a motor known from the M5 F10. It is a double top-up (in the BMW nomenclature called TwinPower Turbo) a 4.4-liter gasoline unit and 8 cylinders in a V-shaped system. The power is 560 hp and 680 Nm, and with the additional Competition package, you can raise this power by an additional 15 hp. The engine drives the rear wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and the US version also includes a 6-speed manual transmission. The weight of the car may surprise because the coupe weighs about 1.8, and the convertible up to 2 tons.

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BMW m6 convertible wall decal, boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.

BMW m6 convertible wall decal, boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.

 BMW m6 convertible boys bedroom decorative wall sticker.

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