Wall panels 3D

Wall panels 3D

In addition to interior design aesthetics is also vitally important practical considerations. Wanted by our solutions are therefore not only nicely presented, but also be easy to install and keep clean. Some time ago, popular usage conditions meet paneling, but often at the expense of aesthetics. Today, popular choices are decorative panels, so you can conjure up a real miracle.

Wall panels in practice
Decorative wall panels are mostly square or rectangular plates, which are covered with repeating patterns. This can be a flat pattern, but are also extremely popular with the three-dimensional panels, raised pattern. Arrange them inside of it really depends on our imagination. They can cover an entire wall or just a part of it. These solutions may be made of different materials. We can then choose from among lining made palm-fiber coconut, the micro-polystyrene or polystyrene panels. Regardless of which material you choose, you can always be sure that the decoration is light, safe and on its assembly will not have any problem.

Attaching of such panels on the wall is very simple and does not require hiring a professional. You only need to purchase the appropriate primer and adhesive mounting (usually can be purchased from the panel manufacturer or a company that sells them). The panels purchased in the form of panels measuring 50x50 cm which, depending on the pattern have a different thickness (from 5 mm to several centimeters).

Living room in three dimensions?

Why not! The more that the market there are many designs of decorative wall panels 3D. With it you can achieve a really interesting effect. And we know that some companies producing such cladding panels allow the execution of the project owner.

Panels in 3D great fit for any interior, because the choice of designs is truly impressive. Therefore examine not only in homes and apartments, but also in business premises or public buildings. The panels, which are placed on the walls are white, so we can paint them any color.

Instead of plastering
A wide range of decorative panels also enables economies of decorative plaster. Provided, of course, the panels, which are already covered with a mosaic (usually in a number of interesting patterns). You only need to mount on the wall, saving time and money (after installation is not complicated, and doing such a plaster will absorb a lot of financial resources). Some of the wall panels refer to the already proven in Europe conditions paneling. Such wood paneling on its surface are embossed with fancy designs. For making some of them use wood from recycling, which are very environmentally friendly solution.

Three-dimensional effect in modern design has proved to be an interesting alternative to wallpaper and paint. We can get it by using decorative panels with 3D motifs, milled in the MDF. The product that is new on the EU market, perfectly matches with the interior of a modern and bold contrasts with the classic. Only a few panels from a wide range of designs to change our environment in an unconventional arrangement. Thanks to a quick and easy installation they are creating a unique style.


The panels are the perfect decorative product which applies at the finish, renovation and interior design. Internal use in apartments and houses, furniture components, offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, spas, beauty salons, barbershops studies, market stalls and fair, exhibition salons, stores, malls, stage, TV and film. Portable decorations used in presentations, conferences, symposia, events.

Panels originally available in white, which allows for direct installation or wood colour (MDF). On behalf of the recipient can be painted in any semi-matte color depending on the design and arrangement. From the lighting used determines the depth and clarity of the three-dimensional milling.

Decorative panels may also be made of a special plaster additionally reinforced with fiberglass. Dimensions and weight of the panels may vary depending on the type of pattern. In most cases, the plate weighs approx. 10 kg with dimensions of 1000 mm x 800 mm. 3D panels are non-toxic and do not contain volatile mineral. They are completely non-flammable.

3D wall panels are suitable for indoor use where there are large fluctuations in temperature. We do not recommend mounting the panels on the walls longer than 10 m and area of more than 35m2 without the use of joints, because the larger the walls can be formed small cracks in joining boards. 3D panel designs are constantly developed and designed.

Wall panels recommendable
On the market there are actually many kinds of decorative wall panels. They differ among themselves not only models, but also the price. Before buying it worth to look at the forums and see which ones offer Internet users.


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      Aug 13, 2015

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